My operating system has crashed; can you recover my old data and save it on CD(s)?

Yes. Just make an appointment and we will accommodate you.

I want to upgrade my old PC. Can you do this for me?

Yes we can. Contact us and we will schedule an appointment.

I'd like to install a new operating system on my PC. What do I do?

If you need the application CD, or unable to do it yourself you can contact us.

I have an old PC which does not start. Can you help me?

We can schedule an appointment for us to look at it and we can make Recommendations

If additional work or hardware part(s) are required, when will I be notified?

At the moment of diagnosis of you PC you will be administered with the necessary information.

Do you offer your PC Repair services for Corporate Clients?

Yes we do. Depends on the magnitude of the problem, we will make referrals.

Do you repair Laptops?


What is your average turn around time?

Depending on workload, itís typically 24 hours but may be as fast as 4 hours.

My CPU is powered on but nothing shows on the monitor. What is the problem?

You can have one of two problems.
1). Either the VGA cable is not properly connected to the motherboard
2). Your monitor may be malfunctioning.

My CPU is making a beeping sound. How can I get it to stop? What is the problem?

Unplug the PC from the wall and contact us as soon as possible.

My computer is showing a red power light. Why is that?

Itís a possibility that the power supply or your hard drive is going bad. Please contact us as soon as possible if these problems persist.

What if you guys are unable to return my pc within reasonable time?

Upon diagnosing the problem, depending on our workload we will refer you to another proven competitor as ensuring your problem is solved in a timely manner is our first concern.