A solution for every problem Whether itís an online presence for your business, a home or office network or even some software package to cater for your businessí needs, 5 star solutions can provide the expertise to develop exactly what you desire.

The web design team at 5 star corp. boasts over 7 years of experience and has recently embarked on a mission to provide its clientele with the latest web design utilities using cutting edge software such as PHP, CSS, ASP and mySQL technologies.

Need to share an internet connection, files, databases, resources such as printers, faxes, scanners and large hard disks, our networking team will certainly afford you the connectivity to get you up and running in a secure and stable environment.

Whatever type or class of business you conduct, the 5star team can design solutions to rid you of boring repetitive routines. With a click of a mouse, a store clerk can have a daily cash report to balance his/her cash pan. How easy would it be to see a report of monthly sales and expenses? Thatís right, just another mouse click.