EZ Entry

EZ Entry Pro SoftwareEZ Entry Pro is a locally developed software program used for generating customs entry forms. The program is windows based and runs on a Microsoft Access Engine. This cutting edge software program is currently in its 3rd year running and has experienced numerous updates to allow completing customs entry forms to be as easy as possible & headache free for its users. With an intuitive interface EZ Entry permits the average PC user with the slightest knowledge of customs entries procedures to get up & running in seconds. Developed by Anguillians for Anguillians, EZ entry is the Flagship of 5 Star Solutions and a sample of more quality software that is yet to come. Follow this link to preview a sample of the EZ Entry Software .


Runs on Windows 98, 2000, ME & XP - EZ Entry runs on practically any of the current windows operating systems thus making it easy for you to transform your existing PC into a cash cow while using it for any of the tasks you currently use it for such as Word Processing, Internet Browsing or Desktop Publishing.

Intuitive Graphical User Interface - Uses forms and most of the standard windows graphics to navigate and process your entries not boring old command driven interfaces.

Minimal Hardware Requirements - In this Era where a Windows PC can be found in every home or office the only thing needed for you to prepare your entries is a Dot Matrix or other Impact Printer that can print on carbonized continuous forms. There is no need to go and purchase a separate machine just for this purpose. The Access Engine that EZ entry runs on uses minimal computer resources so any of the average PC's can run EZ entry without a problem. There are still minimum system requirements that we recommend to ensure an efficient experience with EZ entry however these requirements are certainly flexible.

Cost Effective - At EZ Entry's low $699 price, it only takes a little bit of Math to realize that EZ entry is far more valuable than it would appear. Considering the average price for a 1st page of an entry is $20 & assuming your entries average about 4 pages, 20 - 4 page entries could easily run you to $700. In fact, 40 1 page entries would take you to $800! Considering this fact along with the fact that other programs with similar functions cannot be found for under $2000, investing in EZ entry is basically a no-brainer.

Time Saving - While the monetary savings are easy to point out, no value can be put on your Time. We all know that Time is one of life's most precious commodities so sitting at your desk writing Entries by hand is certainly not the way you want to spend yours. Our average user is able to finish a 5 page entry that usually would take about an hour to complete in roughly about 5 minutes! That's about the time it would take you to go & grab your calculator & book of tariffs. Now while saving an hour on 1 entry might not sound amazing. Consider doing 20 entries in the time it would usually take you to do 2! With Ez Entry we guarantee you'll spend your time at customs' window not calculating proratas.

Storing of Tariffs & Other Data - While it may impress your friends that you can memorize 100's of tariffs the developers of EZ Entry would prefer you save that brain power for something more useful. Our program can store all the tariffs & rates you need and make recalling them as simple as typing the name of the item you want or selecting it from a drop down list. The convenience of EZ Entry's memory goes beyond Tariffs as it also stores Consignors, Consignees, Vessel Names and more. After a few weeks of using EZ Entry you would have already entered the majority of Tariffs you would need & probably all the Shippers & Consignee names you use. Need to go back to an old entry for any reason? Don't worry..EZ Entry stores those too.

Network Friendly - For the enterprise user that needs multiple PC's running EZ Entry at the same time and storing Entries and Tariffs in a central location, EZ Entry is also able to be networked at your request for less than the cost of purchasing multiple copies. This can prove to be a very effective tool for running your Brokerage firm.

What goes into making EZ Entry?

While EZ Entry may shock you in how easy it completed Entry forms for you, it also stands to demonstrate the hard work that takes place behind the scenes. We all know that there are a lot of technicalities involved in customs entries so getting EZ Entry to cater for all these is no walk in the park. We go to great lengths to ensure that everything is as easy as possible for the user even it means extra work on our behalf. This is the reason why our program is being constantly updated as we respond to our user's needs and recommendations as tedious as they may be. It may be impossible to put a figure on the number of programming hours that went into EZ Entry's development but more than likely as you read this it is very likely that we are either trying to come up with ways to make EZ Entry better or are actually coding it.

Why don't we preload our tariffs?

We've often been asked the reason behind our choice to leave the entry of tariffs & items to the user and we stand firm behind a number of reasons for this. Many people are often appalled at the fact that there are thousands of tariffs in over 90 chapters that are used by customs. Given that the majority of our customers are doing entries for the same organizations, or if doing them for themselves are generally for the same category of items; It would be highly inefficient to store thousands of tariffs on the system when only a small percentage of that are actually being used. This would also unnecessarily increase the size of the Database and not only affect EZ Entry's Performance but system performance as well. Instead, what we find to be more efficient is for each individual user to enter each tariff as they create an entry and after creating about a dozen entries, they would begin to accumulate all the tariffs they use. In a very short period users would then have all the tariffs they would need for the regular entries and perhaps may have to add 1 or 2 occasionally as they came up. This also ensures that a user would enter the exact tariff they customarily use as opposed to what we the developers would have entered.