Do you custom build all your software?

We do when it is absolutely necessary. That is, there isn't a trust worthy or inexpensive solution available that addresses your needs.

If I need several copies of your software for use on several pcs in my business do I pay separately for each one?

Yes, you will incur additional expenses for us to provide network access to your custom software.

Can I get a program modified after I've started using it?

You can if the program isn't locked by its original vendor.

If you upgrade one of your programs for me after I've bought an older version can I upgrade for free?

Providing it is a bug fix or necessary update yes you can otherwise upgrades to existing software will incur feesProviding it is a bug fix or necessary update yes you can otherwise upgrades to existing software will incur fees

Do you still make older versions available after you've upgraded?

If it is absolute necessary for you to have an older version then certainly they are available. Although we see no reason for you to request and older version if there is a newer one available.

What if my program requires special hardware such as a barcode scanner, where do I get those from?

If this is the case we can purchase these items and be reimbursed or we can make recommendations and direct you to a trusted vendor.

How do I get training for my staff to use one of your programs?

The programs will come with user manuals and also during the initial installation we will demonstrate how the program works. In addition, during the testing stages of development we may also request your staff's participation to ensure a smooth transition.

What if I need training for someone else long after I've bought the program?

You may incur a fee depending on the complexity and time needed for the training.

What if I want a longer warranty than the originally agreed time?

You can purchase extended warranties at your wish.

What happens after my warranty has expired?

After your warranty expires, you will incur expenses for any maintenance and trouble shooting done on your software.

Can I try out one of your programs before I commit to buying it?

Sure you can, you will be given an evaluation period of up to 30 days to test the software.