About Us

5 Star Corporation

Powering Technology in Anguilla since 1999In short a collaboration of multi-talented individuals with unique strengths that combine to form a wide array of professional IT services.

Recently stepping into the official business world as 5 Star Corporation, we are still affectionately referred to as "Five-Star-See" or simply "Five Star". Originally based on the beautiful Caribbean Island of Anguilla, 5 Star C's team currently spans three continents yet the team remains connected as if we sat on the same couch. Initially focused mostly on the graphical aspect of the Information Technology world, 5 Star C has broadened its horizons with a diversified team possessing a wide range of skills. Once a local front runner among others in the same field, 5 Star Corp has operated silently in the background for a short stint as members of our team began to seek further education. As we have now begun to regain members of our team, 5 Star C now looks to re-solidify its presence in the IT community by providing you with an even wider selection of services now of a higher standard.


Initially operating as a friendly non-profit organization in high school, 5 Star Corp sought something more valuable than the financial gain we were often encouraged to seek. Focused on gaining valuable experience, 5 Star C worked for practically nothing or whatever little may have been offered to us in thanks. Thanks to this we now boast up to 9 years of experience in our areas of work. Having now sought higher education, we now add a new level of expertise and technical ability to compliment our years of service to you.

General Policies

The services that 5 Star Corp provides to you are subject to the following Terms of Use ("TOU"). 5 Star Corp reserves the right to update the TOU at any time without notice to you. Unless permission is granted by a member of the corporation, You may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, sell any information, products or services obtained from the our services or website. Any information, documents, designs or applications on this site that aren't available for download from 5 Star Corp are copyrighted by our Corporation. All products and services are subject to consultation with members of the organization for approval of use by any individual. 5 Star Corp is geared towards offering quality service and aims to provide 100% customer satisfaction. The star is our mark of quality and as such you can consider it our stamp of quality.

Payment & Ownership

Each individual job may have unique payment terms however generally speaking 5 Star Corp accepts at least a 30% deposit on most jobs. This deposit is usually required before any work begins on a specific job. Ownership is generally transferred to the client upon completion except in a few rare cases in advertising. In those rare instances depending on the agreement made an ad may sometimes be licensed for use within a specific market but is still the property of 5 Star Corp.

Use of Logo

5 Star Corp may use its discretion in displaying its logo in products. This is generally accepted by clients however the logo may be removed at the expense of the requestor. Payment for removal of logo however does not wave 5 Star Corp.'s credit for creating said work. 5 Star Corp. also holds the right to display any of its works in its online portfolio at www.5starc.com and other print portfolios. Clients preferring to not have their work displayed in any of our portfolios may simply make a request in writing at no expense.


All members of 5 Star Corp. are either professionally employed or are seeking such. As a result of this, we are unable to render any services that conflict with our professional employment. Consequently, 5 Star Corp. will only provide services to our customers outside of our regular working hours. This also limits the scope of services that can be provided to those that would not tarnish our present employers/employment.


All prices quoted on this website are quoted in US currency unless otherwise noted. Prices are listed to give a general idea on the cost of a particular service. As most of the services listed may vary in size, scope or work required, occasionally the listed prices may not be accurate. Unfortuantely, in such situations 5 Star Corp. will not be held to the listed price, and instead the adjusted quotation will be enforced. 5 Star Corp. will always inform clients of a possible shift in pricing from those posted online before undertaking in providing any particular service.

Our Logo

The New 5 Star Corp logo is our new representation of who we are and what we do. The 5 colors of the star represent the dynamics of us as a unit. As different as the colors appear they are all simply hues of one another, just as is the 5 Star Corp. team. The widgets composing the star, though perhaps all acceptable as logos on their own, link together to form a much more stimulating mark. The same can be said of our individual talents, which prove much more efficient when functioning as a unit. Finally the most effective part of our logo is ironically its simplicity. It is in all actually simply a star yet it speaks multitudes without need for words or explanations. Simple, yet effective, meet the new 5 Star Corp logo.

5 Star Corp logos, Past and Present