Do you design logos?

Without a doubt, logo design has been one of our more popular services. With logos such as the Anguilla Postal Service in 1999 to our most recent new 5 Star Corp. logo we can create a graphical representation of your business today!

What if my design requires photography?

Though none of our team would call them self a professional photographer, we've had yet to come across a photographic request that we couldn't meet. With that said we can confidently say that any photography that your production requires can be taken care of by 5 Star Graphics.

Can you modify an existing design that I received from someone else?

Providing there are no issues with the original author's copyright, we can certainly modify a design you may have received and mold it into exactly what you want.

Can you replicate someone else's logo for my use?

More often than not no. We do not promote replication, whether copyrighted or not. We feel that a logo should be considered property of the business it represents. Replicating someone else's logo would thus be considered stealing by our definition and just wouldn't be something we'd comfortable being a part of. Sorry.

Where will my job be printed?

The majority of 5 Star Grafix work is printed in house on our equipment except for special requests & high volume where we feel it would be more cost effective to the customer to have it done by an external press.

Will you still have my design in 2011 if I still need it?

Though we've run through about 13 different computers since functioning as a unit, we can proudly say that we still have original copies of every job we've ever done. So providing that we all still see the sun rise in 2011 we will still have your production.