All of us can experience both hardware and software problems with our PCs. No need to worry, 5 Star repairs is backed by over 5 years experience in PC repairs and can get you back up and running. We offer a wide array of services from hardware, software and OS upgrades, to installations and troubleshooting of PC operating systems ranging from Windows 2K to Windows Vista and on the Server side from Windows NT server to Windows server 2K3. Coming soon will be support for linux based systems.

Hardware Upgrades

Memory Upgrades
Processor Upgrades
Power Supply replacement
CD Rom Upgrade
Hard Drive Upgrades with or without Disk Cloning
Hard Drive Partitioning

Hardware Troubleshooting

Possible causes for PC failure

Operating System Reinstallation

Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows Server 2000
Windows Server 2003

Windows and Configuration Updates

Windows Updates & Patches
Windows Service Packs
Anti Virus Updates
Anti Virus Upgrades

Network Troubleshooting

DSL Connection Issues
Network Connectivity Problems