Though its very difficult to put a fixed price on software and web design, we always try to give clients an idea of how much a particular solution will cost. 5 Star Solutions bases its pricing on the amount of hours put into a particular project as well as the level of expertise required. With that in mind our custom software rates varies from $20 - $40 per hour.

Web Design rates are also based on hours required however other factors such as interactivity, technologies used and dynamic content also play a factor. The following table list below gives a few simple examples of pricing.

Case 1:

A static informational website advertising a business's services, products and other store information such as business hours & contact information.
Approximately $300

Case 2:

A dynamic business website allowing visitors to search products, browse numerous categories and make purchases.
Approximately $1000

Case 3:

Design of a simple Point of Sale system to manage sales, inventory and produce reports on demand
Approximately $600
N.B. this costing does not include hardware costs.

Case 4:

A dynamic school registration website allowing students and teachers to login and see grades, class schedules and other important announcements.
Approximately $2500

Case 5:

A simple 1 page website that serves as a sort of online business card to allow visitors to get basic essential information for contacting a Taxi Driver.
Approximately $300

Case 6:

Installation of over the counter solution
Approximately $25 per hour
N.B this costing does not include hardware costs.

Case 7:

A musical artists website with contact information, dynamic event calendar, music samples & videos and current news about the artist.
Approximately $750

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